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Parent Handbook for

Mrs. Gempeler


Play 3 Fishies Song




The discipline system in this class will be very basic and to the point. There are seven rules that your child and I developed together. We call these the rules to being a good listener. They are:

  • Criss-Cross Applesauce (leg position)
  • Eyes on the teacher
  • Turn on listening ears
  • Always have a smile (school is fun!)
  • Raise our hands
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Thinking cap ready to go

If one of these rules are broken, there are consequences that I will follow. I have a system that I call "Smiley Faces." This is a system where a child will have to actually move his or her clothespin from the happy face and move it to the straight face to show that a rule was broken. This contrinues through various faces designating certain consequences. If at any time a student's behavior becomes severely inappropriate or dangerous, the child will be immediately to the principal. You will receive a daily behavior report that is located in your child folder designating what your child's behavior was for the day. Please make sure that you look at this nightly and initial it to let me know that you saw it. Down below you will find the list of what each of the happy faces means.

  • Happy Face

This means that the child is following the rules to the highest. At this time the child is being a role model and an excellent student in the classroom. A child can recieve one reminder without moving his or her clothespin to the straight face.

  • Straight Face

This little pond means that a child has passed the point of reminder and will immediately enter time-out for a set time usually 5 minutes of center time.

  • Sad Face

On top of the straight face punishment, this face means that the child will miss an additional five minutes from center time or whatever exciting activity that we are doing on that day.

  • My Desk

If a child's clothespin makes it to my desk there is a variety of consequences that could follow. Chances are a phone call home will be in order or I will send a note home attached to the daily behavior sheet.

Show and Tell

Each week your child will have the opportunity to bring an item from home to share with the class. Every child will have an assigned week day to bring something from home. For instance, let's say that Kelly is assigned Wednesday. Every Wednesday for the whole entire school year, she can bring an item from home. This is the only time that she is allowed to bring an item to school. With prior permission special show and tell times will be considered. Towards the end of the year, show and tell will become write and tell to promote the students sharing their written work.

Spotlight On Me

One of my favorite things that I have planned for this year is the Spotlight on Me bulletin board located on the bathroom door. This door is a place for the students to tell a little about themselves. Each student will have an assigned week sometimes during the year where the spotlight will be on them. That student will then bring in a variety of pictures and information from home to share with the class. When your child's week is approaching, I will send home a reminder to tell you what kind of photos would be great. This will be something that your child will really like.


I think that birthdays are special for children and an exciting time. You are allowed to send in birthday treats for your child. I only ask that you let me know in advance that you are sending in treats. These treats need to be store bought or individually wrapped.



Through out the year you child will receive homework assignments to complete at home. These assignments are a great way for you to get involved in your child's education and see what strides we are making in the classroom. I will let you know in the newsletter about these assignments and when I need them back. You will enjoy completing these activities with your child. There will be a monthly homework calendar, monthly book-it reading, discovery bottles, and various webquests.

Parent Workshops

I have planned on having a few parent workshop nights. These would be nights that you would come with your child for a fun-filled night. I will let you know when these nights are in advance. I hope everyone can be in attendance. They should be a lot of fun and educational.


An important part of your child's education is your involvement. A good way for you to do this is to join PTA. It only closts $5 to join and you receive a few added incentives for joining.

Holiday Celebrations

During the year we will be having three celebrations or parties. PTA will provide treats for the Fall Celebration around Halloween and the Valentine Celebration. For these two celebrations I will need parents volunteers . Some volunteers will help supply some of the items for the celebration and some of you can even help running the party. I would like to have a Winter Celebration around Christmas, but this responsibility will be up to myself and up to you. We will discuss this possible celebration more at a later date.


If at all possible, I will try to send home a weekly newsletter to keep you informed on what is going on in the classroom. This will be a good way for you to know what your child is learning and what he/she is doing everyday.

Book Orders

Through out the year a variety of book orders will be sent home with your child. In these book orders are a variety of books at your child's reading level. It is very important that you are reading with your child at home either by purchasing books or checking them out at a local library. In filling out the form, mark the books you would like on the checklist. Return the checklist and money in a sealed envelope by the date posted on the form. If writing a check make it out to the book order company. I will then send all of the money in.

Word Wall

An important part of learning about letters and words will be the giant word wall in the room. This word wall will consist of letters A through Z on it. Through out the year we will be studying each individual letter. During that week it is asked that all of the students try to find pictures at home or in magazines that start with that letter. These pictures will then be brough in and placed on our giant word wall. This should really help all of the students and be fun at the same time. I will let you know when we are studying the letters so you can start looking for pictures.


We will go outside if at all possible. If you do not want your child to go outside, you must send a doctor's note stating this. I will try if at all possible to make sure your child stays inside.


Special Class Schedule

We are on a three day roation this year. I will try to let you know in the weekly newsletter what special classes are the following week. Library is off the rotation and we will be attending library every Friday morning. However, you are allowed to return your library whenever you would like and I will try to get your child down to the library to pick out a new book.



During the year your child will be using the two computers in the classroom. These two computers have various computer software loaded on them to promote early literacy skills and math skills.