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Play If Your Happy and You Know It Song

The way that I address phonics is through a variety of

ways. Here is an example of how I would teach one letter.



 Letter of the Week

Monday Introduce the Letter of the Week and words that start with that letter.
Tuesday Teach the students the correct way to write both the upper and lower case letter.
Wednesday Practice writing and reading words that start with the Letter of the Week.
Thursday Do a writing worksheet with the correct letter formations.
Friday Phonics worksheet on inital sounds for the Letter of the Week and read a book about that letter.


In class I am using a new technique called Fun Phonics. Each week I will introduce a song for the week that correlates with the letter of the week. In class we will listen to this song, talk about what words are in the song, sing the song, and circle all of the words that start with the letter of the week. For instance, here is the song of the week for "Pp".

Please, Put Your Pigs by Steven Traugh


put your pigs

put your pigs

in the pen

in the pen

by the pepper patch



put your

pretty pink pigs

in the pen

so their perfume

won't make me



You might want to print our song off and reinforce at home what we are doing at school. This would be a great activity to do at home to help with your child's phonics.


Here is what your child should be able to accomplish by the

end of kindergarten in the area of phonics and reading readiness.

  Left to right progression
  Picture clues
  Associates beginning sounds with letters
  Rhyming words
  Identifies opposite words
  Classifies information
  Cause/Effect Relationships
  Sequence Story Events
  Title and Author
  Characters and Setting
  Writes name correctly
  Uses legible handwriting
  Recognizes all upper and lower case letters
  Knows letter sounds