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You have been hired to be a shape detective. Before you can begin your

investigation, you must learn about the basic shapes.



-Learn about the basic shapes.


Where do you see shapes

-Shapes make up many objects 

Now that you have learned about each of the basic shapes, it is time

to have some FUN!! Below there are links to some Internet sites that

will provide you the opportunity to test out your shape knowledge and

most importantly have FUN!!


Explore the Shapes

-Explore colors and shapes


Find the Shapes

-Explore a variety of shapes


Shape Puzzles

-Complete shape puzzles


Farm Shapes

-Play with shapes on the farm


Shape Racer

-Play a game that tests your speed


Tic-Tac-Toe Shape

-Play a tic-tac-toe game on shapes


Odd Shape Out

-Figure out which shape is wrong



-Beat the robot in identifying the shapes

Now are you ready for a little quiz to find out how much you know about shapes?

Click below to take the various shape quizzes.

Now that you are becoming a master when it comes to shapes. I

have a project that I need you to complete. Using the paintbrush

program on your computer, create a picture for me using

the following shapes.

 3 Squares

1 Rectangle

1 Triangle

2 Circles

Using these shapes you can create any kind of picture you would like.

Below you will see a sample picture that I created using

the paintbrush program.

You can put more shapes into your picture

if you would like. I just need to see the above list included for sure.

Try to be as creative as you can with this assignment.

Once you are done with your project, print it off and bring it to school or save it to a disk.